Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to make a screenshot on an Android phone

I mentioned earlier this year the possibility of creating a blog dedicated to Android . Finally, after some thought, I decided to write tickets devoted to this system and its applications and publish them here.This is simpler and more economical than mounting a new WordPress platform, maintain and promote.These tickets will be placed in the category Android . The goal is to discover all that you can do with a phone or a tablet Android in a clear and accessible to all . There are of course many forums, blogs and specialized sites that talk in long, wide and often wrong but most of the time they must undergo a little jargon understandable and suitable for little readers and novice users.

To start, I suggest you to see therefore how to make a screenshot of a telephone on Android .
The problem may seem simple but it is far from the case because there is no application to achieve here easily. Mischievous minds will notice that a transaction is expected iPhone natively.
To start you need to download and install the Android SDK on your computer. SDK is an acronym forS oftware D evelopment K it, what tools are available for developers to program Android. They can be downloaded for free on Android Developers .
Choose the appropriate version for your computer, either Windows or Mac OS X or Linux. For my test I used the Windows version.
It is likely that the installation can not be done because the Android SDK requires to work to have the Java development tools (called JDK) that can be downloaded from the Oracle site again free. The Java Virtual Machine is not enough to run the Android SDK, you must install all the tools.
Once the JDK and the Android SDK installed, accepting the default options, an update will launch. It will last a very long time. I suggest you move on in the meantime.
Part installation on the computer is finished.
There is a small handling to the Android phone. Go to Settings - Applications - Development and check the USB Debugging .